What do we look for? 

IVC Venture Capital AG is seeking for companies that may be capable of becoming a large market leader in its industry due to some new industry opportunity and competitive advantage. Due to our understanding there is no single determinant for a successful portfolio company, but we tend to focus on the following factors:

Commercially viable - Does the company have a product or service that can be reproduced efficiently to generate revenue?

Identifiable market - Is there a clearly defined market for the company’s product or service? Does the company’s product or service meet an identifiable need in that industry? Does the company have a reasonable plan to meet the identified need in an efficient, revenue-generating manner?

Strong management - Does the company’s leadership inspire confidence? Do they have the vision, expertise, and the ability to propel a business to a significant level of growth? Does the team consider best practices of those that have gone before them?

Sustainable competitive advantage - Has the company hit upon an idea that’s truly unique to the industry, one that has significant barriers to entry that will inhibit others from encroaching upon its market? Has the company considered economic
and technological change that may affect the business model? Who are the company’s potential competitors, and what are those companies’ strengths and weaknesses?