John Tu - CEO / Co-Founder, Kingston Technology Company

To name IVC's most entrepreneurial advisor John Tu is recognized as one of America’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, and particularly known for his passion and commitment to business through the creation of value based people-centric company cultures. His entrepreneurial experience includes multiple startups, but most significant is his role as co-founder of Kingston Technology Company, the world’s largest computer memory products manufacturer. John Tu, and his partner, David Sun, grew Kingston from ‘garage stage’ to multi-billion dollar international company. They have been highly acclaimed for their business expertise, and have received many awards including INC Magazines’ “Fastest Growing Company” and consistent annual recognition in Fortune Magazines prestigious “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” list.

As both an investor and as a Distinguished Entrepreneurial Advisor to IVC, John Tu brings his considerable experience in venture growth and development, knowledge of international business, and extensive operational background. Aside from Kingston, where as CEO he remains actively involved in it’s day-to-day operations, he also participates as a Board member in several companies world-wide.

IVCs Management has always been proud of and thankful for John’s outstanding contribution.

John T. Preston - President and CEO of Atomic Ordered Materials LLC., (AOM) and Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

IVC Venture Capital AG uses John T. Preston as its advisor in the US. Mr. Preston is Senior Lecturer and Associate Director (also founder) of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is viewed as one of the leading experts on technology commercialization and has been involved in the creation of dozens of startup companies.

He has advised industry, universities and governments (including the White House) on technology commercialization.  “During the last years liquidity has become much more difficult for startup companies. Venture firms like IVC, that have always focused on strong business fundamentals, have created value even in these most difficult of times. We now seem poised for a period of rebound of liquidity and growth for high technology firms. IVC with its strong business operating background is well positioned to accelerate value creation.” (John T. Preston)

Bernd Schnell - Business Devolpment Kingston Technology Company 

Working for Kingston Technology Bernd Schnell focuses on the development of creative business and marketing strategies. Prior to this advisory business he founded several companies successfully due to his highly competence in establishing enterprises and their worldwide positioning.

Already at the age of 19, Bernd Schnell established his first business while studying economics. In 1989 he founded “S&S Marketing and Engineering GmbH“ financed through venture capital, a distribution company for computer appliances. After four years, S&S grew to a turnover of € 130 million and could be sold on high profit.

 In 1990 he jointly founded Gericom AG which was listed on the German Stock Exchange a few years later. In 1998 IVC Venture Capital AG arose as a continuation of his successful business angel activities. Before taking a leading role working for Kingston Bernd Schnell invented an innovative concept for building prefabricated houses. Besides to his several entrepreneurial activities Bernd Schnell worked as a financial advisor for John Tu.