Flytxt B.V.                                                                                                                             

Flytxt is one of the fastest growing Big Data Analytics solution providers for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The company has set its vision to generate over 10% Economic Value for its CSP customers leveraging Big Data Analytics. Flytxt’s platform and applications are built around its patent pending technologies that interpret, infer, discover and predict KPIs, insights, recommendations and actions from large volumes of subscriber data available with CSPs. Flytxt’s solutions enable CSPs to increase revenues, reduce churn, drive data adoption & growth, optimize margins and generate new revenue streams through advanced analytical capabilities.

Flytxt’s solutions are deployed at several leading CSPs across the globe covering a subscriber base of about 500 million. Through its proven and highly mature Consulting Technology and Execution (CTE) service delivery model, Flytxt has executed many highly successful marketing campaigns for CSPs, generating close to $350 million incremental revenue for them till now.

Flytxt has its headquarters in Netherlands, Corporate office in Dubai and Global Delivery Centres  at Trivandrum and Mumbai in India. Flytxt also has presence in London, Kuala Lampur, Lagos, Nairobi, Dhaka and New Delhi. The company’s 300+ employee base includes Big Data Technologists, Telecom Marketing Consultants, Analytics R&D Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Big Data Operations Specialists. Flytxt has technology partnerships with Industry pioneers like Intel Corporation and premier academic institutions like Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Flytxt is rated as a “cool vendor” by Gartner and has won acclaims from distinguished bodies like ACA, Red Herring, IEEE and NASSCOM.