Investment focus

Here you find samples for portfolio companies we have already invested in. We are looking for business models with clear unique selling points to achieve above average growth potential.

If you are in a business that has the following qualities which sets it apart from the competition then you're the kind of entreprenuer we are looking for. Your business idea involves information and communication technology, semiconductors or other innovative high technologies.

You concentrate on what you're good at! Your business model focuses on your true core competences. We love large markets! Your business model addresses a market with a potential of more than 250 million EUR. International! Your business model (project, product, service) is not restricted to a specific region, but is of international relevance.

Your company's management has deep roots in the field you're active in. The long-term profitable growth of your business model is not dependent on a short-term market push. The market window has lasting relevance. Your business idea is outstanding thanks to a significant technological edge.

But these qualities alone are not enough to turn a business idea into a success.

The decision to invest is also very much based on our confidence in you - as founder or management of the company - and your abilities. Here, your personal experience and background, your level of commitment and your personality all play a role.